About us

“Metcosped Ltd was founded in 1990 as a transformation of the forwarding department of Metalimpex Foreign Trade Company, which was previously engaged in the metal trade. The existing steel industry clients and employees with decades of experience in the field helped a lot in the startup. This foundation provided the basis for the company’s successful operation and development, and today we play a significant role not only in the steel industry but also in the chemical industry, construction industry, and other areas. The ownership structure has not changed since the founding, and our company is still 100% Hungarian-owned. Our annual turnover has reached HUF 2 billion, which is mainly composed of European distribution of sea containers and international and domestic road transportation. Our range of activities as a classic forwarder also includes rail, water and air freight, where we handle significant traffic.

Following the company culture of our founders, honesty and reliability are our top priority, which our partners and clients have become accustomed to over the past 30 years. Nothing can prove this better than the fact that we have not been late with the payment of any received invoice since our establishment.

The task of our employees is to transport the goods of our clients, whether it is 1 kg or 50 tons, to the right place at the right time, at the right price, with continuous communication, which is ensured by the large number of partners who we can consider our partners since the beginning. Our clients and subcontractors cover the whole world, so we can perform community and third country deliveries with maximum satisfaction. Based on the experience and connections of previous years, we are capable of performing our clients’ transportation and logistics tasks by air or sea. We carry out our warehouse logistics tasks in the Budapest metropolitan area, where we are ready to perform any type of storage task, including storage and distribution of frozen and normal products.

Our company has ISO 9001:2000 quality management certification, which further increases the professional safety of our assignments. We have been a member of the Hungarian Association of Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers, the Hungarian Foreign Trade Association, and the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry since almost the founding.